Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jazz sketchbook- Audience and Guitarist

Drawing of audience at jazz gig, A4 sketchbook, ink and watercolour

Drawing of guitarist in A4 sketchbook, ink and watercolour
Two drawings this week, from a position at the back. This gives a more general viewpoint and therefore more subjects to choose from, but at the expense of detail. The guitarist's face is a case in point, as he was much happier than my drawing would lead you to believe. ..That's the blues for you!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Jazz drawing, September

Drawing of jazz quartet in a4 sketchbook, ink and watercolour

This scan isn't quite straight; you are advised to hold your head at an angle. This was a jazz group led by Sam Slater on guitar, playing Django-influenced swing. Percy Pursglove on trumpet/flugelhorn, Lluis Mather saxophone/clarinet, Chris Mapp on bass.

The paper is beginning to bug me; really I should be using heavier paper designed to take water, but then the drawings would become something different. I want these to be sketches rather than laboured paintings.