Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sketchbook drawing, Jazz Festival 2013

A4 sketchbook drawing in ink and watercolour, jazz festival, 2013
Third outing drawing Birmingham Jazz Festival 2013; my second visit came to an end when an over officious security guard needlessly moved the band halfway through the gig. Just moved them several feet, but it meant I had to abandon a good drawing. This was the excellent Jon-paul Gard Organ Trio. It came as no surprise to hear them mention in their introduction a security guard almost wouldn't let them set up. What a welcome.

These were drawn live, and painted 'as live' later working from a short video I took. The drying time involved with watercolour would make painting during a performance unworkable. Knowing you'll be painting later sharpens up your perception as you make mental notes about colour relationships.