Friday, January 13, 2012

Materials and results

A few guitarist drawings from my first open mic trips this year. New sketchbook (A5 hardback from Cornelisens), new approach; I thought I'd use Wolff carbon pencils, with the aim of adding washes on top. They're a distinctive and velvety line, more like charcoal than pencil, but somewhere between the two. I don't think they can be rubbed out, but I've never tried. Because the texture of the pencil tip doesn't glide like the fountain pen, I respond differently. The difference makes me feel the shapes more.

At this point I reverted to the fountain pen, as people were only performing two songs. I also have to sketch by tea-light at that particular club, which is bloody tough!

And some from the other pub..

I'm going to try and make a video of some future drawings. Watch this space.