Thursday, September 24, 2009


A while ago I did the covers for the next QI Annual, which is due out in November. It's a 'ginormous gallimaufry of G-ness, gallivanting from Galaxies, Gods and Gravity to Gin, Gnus and Gravel - including everything you never wanted to know about Grahams'. And that's official. Having worked hard on it, I'm very pleased to say all involved love the result.

While working on the annual I found myself looking again at my old copies of Spitting Image books, which have a very similar feel. The programme was an early influence for me; as a schoolboy I was twice given time off to spend a day at the their headquarters drawing caricatures, in 1992 and then again in 1993. I've got a load of photos somewhere, but here are a few.

As well as getting my copy of Roger Law's autobiography signed, I also got a puppet hand, which is slowly disintegrating;
Oddly enough, although I don't know him, Roger Law has crossed my path a few times over the years. The only one worth mentioning was at a screening of a Jake Auerbach film about Lucien Freud at the Prince of Wales Drawing School in Shoreditch. Reading his second autobiography recently, I was surprised to see the evening get a mention. I see he's now doing enormous and amazing ceramic work. I'd love to ask him to make me a mug.

Find the annual in all good bookshops later in the year, or pre-order your own copy here.